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Meritec Merits

What it is:

It is a flexible, pragmatic and economic way to acquire IT technical, consultancy and project resources.
It is a draw-down process for IT skills.
It is a scheme that allows telephone support to be called off in half hourly units, or site visits to be used in daily units.

Easy to use:

A simple and straightforward request mechanism using the Meritec ServicePoint Help Desk.

  • Calls less than 15 minutes are free.
  • Calls over 15 minutes are drawn down in units of 30 minutes.
  • Days are drawn down as required by the client within the contract period (normally 12 months).

How it works:

Prior to the start of the service one of our Account Managers will visit your site for a service start up meeting. This gives you the opportunity to plan the most effective use of Merits Days during the contract.

Merits Days are drawn down over the period of the contract, these days can be used for on-site and off-site support. Additional days can be purchased at any time during the contract.

At the end of each 6 month period you have the option of a visit and Service Review from your Meritec Account Manager in order to discuss previous delivery against the contract and to plan further call off. These meetings will also be used to keep you fully up to date with Meritec Services for which the Merits Days may be used.

Please download the following document to learn more about our Technical Support Services: Merits

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