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Meritec Agile Service Solutions (MASS)


In the past, managing ICT infrastructure has been about making do with limits – limited processing power, capacity, and bandwidth – and finding the time to manage it all.

Resource and ICT managers now require:

  • Reduced total cost of ownership (tco) with low risk
  • Seamless scalability on demand
  • Resilient and secure service

whilst avoiding expensive support and environmental costs.

We can readily and effectively meet all of your needs. Meritec’s Agile Service Solutions (MASS) provides the power to design, deliver and scale your infrastructure and applications as your requirements change, in a highly secure, robust and flexible environment. Designed to meet the most demanding requirements of the public and private sectors, our facility is supported by advanced technologies to help you create effective forward strategies.

Key features include:

  • On-demand access to computing resources, storage and network capacity
  • Seamless scalability
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Predictable pricing for control and transparency
  • Highest levels of security
  • Utilisation monitoring and management reporting

Compliance with industry standards for security and data protection.

Key benefits:

  • Rapid transition: speedy and painless take-on of services reducing cost and lowering risk
  • Freedom from limits: on-demand access to robust, scalable and secure IT infrastructure means no constraints on your growth
  • Power and control: rapid provisioning and enterprise-grade security, performance and transparency ensures business continuity
  • Predictability: predictable costs, strong governance and service-level driven outcomes enables business development
  • Expert guidance: Many years of experience in infrastructure and managed services to guide effective integration, management and governance of infrastructure services – thereby ensuring resilient support for your business at all times.


MASS evolved as Meritec transitioned from Systems Integration (we still do this) to Services Integrator. It has been our versatility as much as our agility and flexibility that has caught the attention of our customers over the years. When we started out in 1996 the ICT world was still in the process of replacing proprietary technologies such as mainframes and other specialist platforms with “Open Systems” that were designed to be easier to use and support and built on commodity components.

This distributed model of departmental and desktop computing brought with it new challenges not the least being enabling diverse systems and technologies to seamlessly integrate and work properly together in a cohesive way. Within this there was yet another accelerated change happening – the move from client/server models to thin client web browser environments. Consequently systems integration became a crucial aspect on the computing landscape and Meritec were well placed to service the requirements through our broad range of diverse technical and management skills.

Similarly, as the ICT market accelerates strategically towards increased use of cloud based and similar services, Meritec has experienced customer requirements for a mix of service solutions to satisfy an array of differing needs. In due course it may be possible that most, maybe all ICT requirements lend themselves to cloud models. But that is not yet the case and whilst some do many don’t – the reasons for this vary, for example it could be the technology or it could be the commercial model that at the moment inhibits benefits realisation – consequently MASS has been designed and built to enable hybrid service solutions that facilitate transition from on-premise to cloud and similar service solutions such as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

MASS enables Meritec clients to “pick and mix” from a selection of service models that can readily co-exist; this facilitates the transitional phase during which existing and/or replacement systems can be supported in a variety of ways according to our customers’ business or strategic priorities.

Maybe Co-Location is the starting point from which, for example, individual systems or applications are then moved across to other service models all of which follow the direction of travel towards fully cloud-based services. The attraction of MASS is that it provides Meritec customers with the ability to plan and implement their adoption of new service models at their own pace and according to their strategic or budgetary priorities.

From the outset we have ensured that MASS remains at all times highly competitive with the result that we can provide genuine cost savings as well as a safe and secure home for their ICT systems requirements.

Technical features and data centre environment:


  • Very cost effective solutions tailored to your needs
  • Services hosted in State of the Art Data Centre(s)
  • Various DR options available
  • Fully Managed Infrastructure and environment
  • Proactive Applications Management and Support
  • Flexible Take on approach – new equipment, our equipment, your equipment, spare equipment – many ways to get best value
  • Service Level Agreements tailored to client needs
  • High Availability, excellent incident response and resolution – measured and reported against SLA
  • Responsive Help Desk (Meritec ServicePoint) and web enabled call logging and monitoring.
  • Virtualised and non-virtualised platforms

Service Take On

  • Tried and Tested methodologies
  • Tight control of Take On projects (through effective and pragmatic use of PRINCEII)
  • Excellent record of achieving (or exceeding) targets
  • Flexible approach to keep costs down
  • We ensure excellent communications with client team throughout
  • Utilise shared Project and Service document area (version controlled) to ensure effective access to all documentation

Data Centres – Tier 3

  • 10 MW of power delivered to a dedicated sub-station
  • Internal and external CCTV systems with 24×7 monitoring and support
  • FM200 Fire suppression and VESDA smoke detection system
  • High speed resilient internet access with fully triangulated network for resilience
  • 550KVA Fully maintained generator UPS N+1
  • N+1 air-conditioning units, Electronic key access system and full audit trail of movement
  • Perimeter security monitored 24x7x365

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