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Contract Negotiation

It is important that the client makes sure that their expectations of what they are buying are matched by what the supplier intends to deliver. Project failure commonly occurs not necessarily because either side has failed but simply because there has not been a shared definition of what is required.

The starting point has to be a reliable specification produced by the client (Meritec can help with this) against which the supplier can be asked to quote. A good specification will make it clear what the customer expects the supplier to provide and how responsibilities and risks will be shared.

The agreed specification and the supplier’s proposals to satisfy them can then be bound into the legal framework to form the contract. In the event that the project fails or hits problems the specification will prove invaluable in identifying who is responsible for sorting it out.

Our senior consultants have many years experience working for and negotiating with leading IT suppliers. Consequently they have significant knowledge of how suppliers sell and negotiate. We can help you to maximize your negotiating position to leverage improved commercial terms and risk transfer.

Our role is to support your legal representatives in putting a contract in place that satisfies your legal requirements and includes an accurate definition of what the supplier will deliver.

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